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Testimonials for Susan Ribao – Maui Hawaii Psychic & Healer

“If you ever meet Aunty Sue, she’ll change your life.”

Family Retreat – March 2017

Mother: “A reconnection with my true self. It gave me the opportunity to heal my childhood trauma in a safe private environment. The retreat offered our family the time to heal together safely.”

Father: “Fulfilling. New Start. Restart.”


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April 2016

April 2016

Phyllis – Maui

In 14 years time, even my children have come to realize Auntie Sue has a special gift. So they call her to find their car keys, their missing wallet, even the baby blanket. Or when the kids are sick, right away they want to talk to Aunty Sue first. They realized she has powers.

Priscilla – Maui

I’ve known Susan over 35 years. She’s the real deal. Her healing and psychic abilities are amazing. As a healer Susan has helped me with my arthritic shoulder. I could not lift my arm over my head without extreme pain. After one session, 3 days later I had full mobility.

Doris Lang – Maui

May 2016 – When I am experiencing an issue or an imbalance I don’t quite understand, I make an appointment with Sue. She has the innate ability to read my underlying problem and translate it easily for me to understand. I have visited her many times and I have referred her to others. It is often hard to find the “real” thing. Sue is exactly that. She has been so helpful and I feel blessed that she lives here on Maui. Mahalo nui loa Sue.

Marni Malaikini

12/27/2014 – I first talked to Susan 5 yrs ago. She revealed things about myself that I didn’t even know. The basis for my call was to see if my marriage of 25 yrs was worth holding onto. She guided me and gave me both scenarios and left me to make my decision. Well here I am 5 yrs later and I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure I’m not dreaming. I am happy and love my life and so very thankful that Susan’s guidance was right on the money. She told me that I wouldn’t recognize my life, it was going to be a happy one. And she was right. I spoke with her again today to thank her and ask her a few questions and she confirmed a few things for me and now I am excited for my next 5 years. Thank you Susan for being my guiding light in the storms of life. Bless you!!

Bernadine Sila

My friend Melinda came for a healing for her eye. Within seconds of Susan coming into her field, her eye instantly started pulsing and when she was finished, she said that much of the darkness (macular degeneration) had lightened up.

Kanzie Beazer – Lethbridge, Alberta

I was introduced to Susan through my cousins Grandmother. Susan gave my very first psychic reading, I’ve never been more amazed to have someone who has never meet me in this life, have so much knowledge and insight about my own self that I do not share with anyone! Although when she said that my boyfriend and I were going to break up, in my head I was like hmm I don’t think so not anytime soon anyways. She said she saw the number one and a half around us. After my psychic reading with her, my boyfriend broke up with me one and a half days after. I couldn’t believe it. We had a perfect weekend before and everything seemed fine. A week later I took a healing class from her and it is the best experience of my life, never have I felt the emotions and energy than I had that day in her office, it also made a huge impact on my self-opinion and improved my life so much. I still love to move and play with the energy that surrounds everything. Susan is absolutely incredible and I would never doubt her abilities and I recommend her to everyone I know and tell my amazing experience to people who will listen. I absolutely cannot wait until she comes back and I can see her again.

Adelle – Maui

In my past, I’ve had a lot of massage therapy and acupuncture, so I know how much relief I can feel from a professional healing session. Susan is truly amazing and unlike anything else I’ve experienced. A healing energy session with Susan always leaves me feeling incredibly relaxed and so much better than when I arrived, and she does it all without touching me. She walks around the massage table while I lie with my eyes closed. A deep sense of relaxation and relief comes to me and I get drowsy. When she’s finished, I feel very light and as if my problems have lightened, too. Then we usually sit together and she does a Tarot card reading, and it often reflects my current love relationships and personal dramas. These regular readings and energy healings with Aunty Susan have become part of my self care process, and I believe they are as beneficial as massage or going to the doctor!

Hillary Palmer – Maui

I’ve known Susan Ribao for almost 30 years, and have had the honor of watching her grow and develop her G-d given psychic and healing talents. When Sue was called to dedicate her life to helping others, she consciously sought out and studied with many masters from a variety of disciplines. Over the years, She has taken what she has learned and developed her own unique style and approach to healing that has changed many lives including my own. Many of us refer to her as “Mama Sue,” because she is not only an excellent teacher, she is a natural nurturer with a deep understanding of the human condition. Personally, I have benefited greatly from Susan’s advice, kind heart, and amazing ability to heal.

Sue is a true master of many modalities.

Miranda – Maui

I have psychics in my family so I know the real ones from the fake ones. Susan is real. I was impressed with her intuitive readings. She uses various methods and all of them had useful information and confirmations for me. Then she did an energy session and I could feel the energy moving through my body like I’ve never felt it before. I’m impressed. Thanks Susan. I will be seeing you again.

Patrick Corrigan – Maui

I will begin by saying that I may be a skeptic. I have known Susan for at least 15 years. I have friends that swear by her healing powers.

In September of 2008 I was diagnosed diabetic. After months of struggling with diet, exercise, and injecting insulin, with minor results, Susan asked if I would let her help.

After my first session with her, I felt better. With successive sessions, my blood sugars got under control. I no longer inject insulin. My professional life picked up, I find working fun with lots of work coming in.

Sara Joe

9/30/14 – A Beautiful Healer in so many ways! I have recommended her to many friends and each of them feel the same as I do. She is a true beauty and light to this earth! Every session is mind opening and life changing ! Xoxox love you Susan!

Dustin Kim Seu – Oregon

Susan Ribao is the mother of my good friend I met while attending college in Oregon back in 2009. I met her one day when she came to visit her son. After I found out the she could conduct vision healings and readings, I asked her to do one for me.

The first reading was in September 2010. She mentioned how I grew up hanging around the wrong crowd, and that trouble will follow if I decided to return home and start a career there. I always had a bad vibe when I went back to visit, and I didn’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time while home. She also conducted a healing that same day. If you can relax your mind well during that process, you feel “energy” being passed throughout your body; also giving you the feeling of being on a rollercoaster. The next day I felt happy, relaxed and somehow, rebalanced.

On my birthday earlier this year she visited again and performed another healing and reading on me. I felt the same experience as I did before during the healing process; however my readings were slightly different. This time, Susan began to “see” airplanes around me and “hear” the word Washington…. repeatedly.

Today, half a year after my birthday, I am living in Washington and working as an engineer for Boeing, one of the world’s largest commercial airline manufacturers. People may or may not believe the truth about her powers; all I can say is that she directed me in the right path and said I’ll be living this life… six months ago. I’m looking forward to this new career and the opportunities ahead, and I’d like to thank Susan Ribao for helping me achieve it.

Kimberly DeMartin / Lost Dog

Our dog was lost and I called my friend Ruby in Hawaii for psychic help to find him. She in turn called Susan, her friend, and described our 200lb English Mastiff to her. I got a call back from Ruby about 20 minutes later repeating to me what Susan had said. Susan said Monty, our dog, was about a mile from home, at a 2 story home with a white front with a black iron stairway off to the left of the door. With this information, my sister went out in search of Monty and spoke with many people. After searching for 2 hours, she decided to go home. Right then she drove by these 2 story white condos about a mile from the house… all of them were white with black iron railing outside. At one of them a lady was in the front yard, my sister asked about the dog and the lady said she hadn’t seen him. My sister asked if she could leave her number just in case she did, because a psychic described her house when we called today trying to find the dog. The lady took our number, but obviously thought my sister was a nut-job. This lady was the only person my sister gave our phone number to out of the many she spoke to.

About 5 hours later at 10:30pm, the lady the my sister gave the number to called. She said she was in her kitchen telling her son about this crazy woman who came by today and gave her number to her, asking her to call if she saw the dog because a psychic had described the house. Just then she looked out into the front yard and saw our dog Monty running around with her cockerspaniel insider her closed iron fence yard. We went up to her house… and it was Monty. It was 108 degrees outside, and he was exhausted. We don’t know how he even got into the enclosed yard.

The lady was beside herself with amazement, before this day she didn’t even believe in psychics. We are so grateful to Susan for finding him.

Jill Barnattan

I am full of gratitude for Sue. She has assisted me on my healing journey since 1998 when I endured trauma in my life. Sue has channeled Reiki energy, utilized native American modalities and introduced me to the reconnection. She channels energy, visions and has been a true gift to me, my spiritual growth & has assisted me during times of physical challenges. I have participated in two levels of Reiki training with Sue and continue to visit her on my trips to Maui for “tune ups” and spiritual guidance. Mahalo my sister, you are a blessing in my life!

Emily Cole

5/5/16 – Meeting Susan for me was something that was just meant to be. I had no idea who she was and it was booked for me by my mother. I was running late and I almost didn’t make it and Suasan almost left the building! But something was making sure we met that day which I am going to be forever thankful for because that 30 minutes she squeezed in for me at the end of her day has changed my life. At that point I had run out of ideas on how to help myself, dealing with my 10 year battle with endometriosis. The medical system was failing me of course with prescription drugs and numerous surgeries. I knew I had to do something because it was completely taking over my life, it felt like it was literally killing me from the inside out and I was at a loss and ready to give up. One of the first things she picked up on was just that. She feared for me and said honestly that I needed to do something! Not that she would want to recommend surgery but she said if you don’t get that out its going to kill you and I felt instantly moved because I knew she was right! It was a huge validation to have her say that and everything seemed so clear afterwards. She gave me a message from my dear Nana saying that she too was pleading with me to do something to save myself. To “get it out” “get it all out” and my Nana was a loud and proud lady and that was just like her! She also mentioned a tea cup I had completely forgotten about that was gifted to me from my Nana and she said I could keep that out and I could reach her though it and that my Nana was always watching over me. I have never felt so understood, loved, supported and enlightened all at once in such a small amount of time. We had an instant connection and I knew she was right. As much as my close family, friends and even my fiancé was worried I was making a rash decision they had no choice but to support me because I was set on a new path by Susan. She had opened my eyes to a bigger truth and a strength I didn’t know I had. Undoubtably it has been a long, hard road of recovery but it’s been best thing for me. Even with the onset of surgical menopause, I feel like myself again. I feel my body and spirit thanking me for another chance to thrive. Susan has continued to support me through this journey and I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for her. I have complete trust and faith in what she says and sees and she hasn’t hesitated to continue to help and guide me. It’s a privilege to continue to have her in my life with her being so gifted and yet so down to earth. I look up to her in hopes of spreading my own light and healing in this spiritual awakening she has led me to.

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