Psychic Classes, Intuitive and Healing Courses

Vision Healing Class

This unique and transformational class covers in-depth explanation and techniques to facilitate students tapping into their own psychic and healing abilities. My lifelong expertise as a seer and energy healer makes this class a very rare and powerful opportunity to learn and grow in the psychic arts. I teach all classes personally, in traditional style.

Please call me at 808-269-0520 to book this class.

Reiki Classes / Healing Lessons

I teach traditional Usui Reiki classes through the Hawayo Takada lineage.

  1. Reiki One Class (Full Day)
  2. Reiki Two Class (Full Day)
  3. Reiki Three Class / Master Class (5 Mornings)
  4. Reiki Teacher Class (3 hours)

Reiki Classes

Intuitive Classes / Psychic Lessons

Learn to be psychic and learn how to channel information and give psychic readings.

$100 per 3 hour class


Psychic & Healing Lessons for your private group. Spend mornings learning and practicing a variety of psychic and healing skills. Your afternoons are free to explore the island. Customize your retreat sessions based on your interests, needs, budget, time, desires and intentions. See full retreat details.

Urban Shamanism Workshop

Learn a combination of ancient techniques and how to integrate them into daily life in this 6-hour workshop.

During the workshop, you will:

  • Create your own medicine wheel with the four directions
  • Learn to connect and journey with your spirit and animal guides
  • Learn to heal yourself and others
  • Find answers to your deepest questions
  • Tune into “Shamanic Timing”
  • Explore Dreamtime (bring a dream for interpretation)

SPECIAL PRICE – Only $100 per person

Shamanic Healing Course

  1. Shaman Class: The Four Directions (3 hours)
    • Learning to work with the four directions
    • Retrieving animal guides for spiritual information.
  2. Shaman Class: Guide Retrievals (3 hours)
    • Meeting your own personal animal guides and spirit guides.
    • Learning the spiritual journey into the upper and lower worlds.
  3. Shaman Class: Modern Vision Questing (3 hours)
    • Gathering information from our everyday world useful for making decisions about present and future
  4. Shaman Class: Dream interpretation (3 hours)
    • Recording dreams and analyzing their relevance in everyday life and future
    • Understanding metaphors of the dream world
    • Group dreaming class

Please call 808-269-0520 to book Shamanic Healing classes.

Please call 808-269-0520 for additional prices & information.