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Welcome to Vision Healings on Maui.

2021 Holiday & New Year Special
$50 for Kama’aina Readings

How can Vision Healings help you today?

If you need help with a relationship, career, or any big decision
‣ Call Vision Healings 808-269-0520

If you need help finding a lost pet or missing item
‣ Call Vision Healings 808-269-0520

If you are sick or injured and doctors have been unable to help
‣ Call Vision Healings 808-269-0520


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Vision Healings of Maui is easy to schedule. Call 808-269-0520 with any questions and to book your appointment. I welcome clients from all areas of Maui — residents and visitors. I also help people from all over the world through Video Services!

Psychic Readings for Personal Life, Love, etc…

Vision HealingsMaui psychic readings – private in-person psychic readings. Receive guidance in your personal life. Accurate, specific information about relationships, family, health, housing, etc. One or more psychic tools may be used during your session, including and not limited to: psychic tarot readings & card readings, Shamanic readings, vision readings, body scanning, intuitive readings, chakra or crystal healing, soul talking, and spiritual counseling. Vision Healings psychic readings available by appointment in Pukalani, Maui, or at your location. BOOK NOW 

Career / Work / Business / Financial Questions

Psychic readings regarding your business, career or education. Answer questions about your professional or financial life. BOOK NOW 

Energy Clearing / Blessing

Blessings for your home, property, new business openings or groundbreaking for construction, etc. Please call me for help with anything you cannot explain, strange noises, unexplainable behavior, etc. Susan and partner Susie Quinn perform entity exorcisms, negative energy removal and can guide any uncomfortable spirits away. MORE INFO

Lost Pet or Missing Item

Receive accurate, specific information to help you recover a lost pet or missing item.  BOOK NOW 

Monthly Readings & Psychic Check-ins

Request monthly readings with Susan for spiritual counseling, intuitive readings and ongoing guidance. Receive accurate, specific information every month to assist in your life plans.  BOOK NOW 


Testimonials for Susan / Vision Healings

Family Healing Retreat with Vision Healings

MARCH 2017

Mother: “A reconnection with my true self. It gave me the opportunity to heal my childhood trauma in a safe private environment. The retreat offered our family the time to heal together safely.”

Father: “Fulfilling. New Start. Restart.”


Hillary Palmer

Many of us refer to her as “Mama Sue,” because she is not only an excellent teacher, she is a natural nurturer with a deep understanding of the human condition. Personally, I have benefited greatly from Susan’s advice, kind heart, and amazing ability to heal.

Sue is a true master of many modalities.

Doris Lang – Maui

May 2016 – When I am experiencing an issue or an imbalance I don’t quite understand, I make an appointment with Sue. She has the innate ability to read my underlying problem and translate it easily for me to understand. I have visited her many times and I have referred her to others. It is often hard to find the “real” thing. Sue is exactly that. She has been so helpful and I feel blessed that she lives here on Maui. Mahalo nui loa Sue.


April 2016


In 14 years time, even my children have come to realize Auntie Sue has a special gift. So they call her to find their car keys, their missing wallet, even the baby blanket. Or when the kids are sick, right away they want to talk to Aunty Sue first. They realized she has powers.