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One or more psychic tools may be used during your psychic reading.

NEW: Psychic Parties – Be a Host!

Psychic Readings for Personal Life / Love / Etc

Private in-person psychic readings in Maui. Receive guidance in your personal life. Accurate, specific information about relationships, family, health, pets, etc.

Long Distance / Phone Readings / Skype Readings

Get immediate, accurate psychic help from anywhere in the world. Call me to schedule a phone reading or Skype reading.

Work / Business / Psychic Reading

Psychic readings for your business, career or education. Call today with questions about your professional or financial life.

Psychic Tarot Readings & Card Readings

Intuitive personal readings with Tarot cards and other card decks. Using mythology in the cards to reveal information and patterns in your behavior that may influence your future.

Vision Readings

I can tell you things about your past, present and future lives, as well as facilitate healing and release from old energies, karma and debts.

Shamanic Readings

Channeled information from the Four Directions and other realms to help you in present situations where you seek answers, guidance and intuition.

Spiritual Counseling

Intuitive readings and guidance.

Intuitive Readings & Body Scanning

Medical Issues, Health Problems, Chronic Pain, etc

In an intuitive medical reading, I can determine the source of disease and poor health in your body.

Body Scanning is when I scan your body to assess your physical, emotional and etheric body well-being.

Chakra or Crystal Healing

I will use specific crystals to aid healing in your body. I can also do energy work to align and support your chakra energies.

Soul Talking

Tapping directly into your soul, it will speak through me to give you vital information about what’s going on inside of you and what is needed to heal your body and soul.